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Currently, the only realistic way that we will be able to hold back the Leave tide is to a) convince MPs to vote against the proposed Brexit deal, and b) give them the chance to vote in favour of measures that could lead to remain (or a soft Brexit) further down the line.

This means that MPs MUST feel pressure to vote accordingly. And the best way to make them feel pressure is to write to them to ensure they can’t ignore your – and the industry’s – concerns about Brexit.

But how can you do that effectively and easily? Here’s our guide to writing to your MP to campaign against Brexit.



Simply head to the link here and put in your postcode. This will reveal who your local MP is and what their contact details are.


Step 2: Know your stuff, GET THE FACTS


If you’re going to make your case effectively to your MP then it’s important to have solid facts and a clear argument at the ready. Sending an emotional rant will be nowhere near as effective.

So take a bit of time to gather some specifics to make sure that your email will get noticed. This needn’t be an onerous task – we suggest you include the following details:


  • How would your constituency vote today?
    Check out Best For Britain’s mapping tool to see the trend of constituencies that are switching away from supporting Leave – this is a powerful tool for changing minds.


  • How will games businesses be affected by Brexit?
    Take a look at our Brexit Guide for stats and information, as well as our FAQS and pull out the issues and facts that are most concerning to you or your business.


  • How does the prospect of a post-Brexit Britain worry you?
    This bit is optional, but you may wish to pepper your email with any additional concerns you may have. Take a look at organisations like InFacts for useful summaries of possible outcomes.



Step 3: Write away!


Feel free to approach your email however you like, but if you’re not sure where to start then we have a few tips for you:


  • Know some of the best practices for writing an email to an MP. ORG Wiki has a great guide here that is useful to follow.

  • Make sure you put pressure on your MP to respond, by asking a question towards the end of the copy – e.g. “what will you do to protect the local games industry from the effects of Brexit?”. This approach will make it much harder to ignore.

  • Avoid copy-and-paste templates. This may be slightly quicker but it’s impersonal and may mean your message gets lost in a spam filter.

  • Don’t hit send too quickly – before you fire your email off, proof it for typos and check it for tone. If it’s full of mistakes or could come across as aggressive, it’s likely to be much less effective.

  • Make sure you include your full name and address, as Parliamentary rules mean MPs can only take up the cases of people who live or are registered to vote in their constituency - that's you!


Step 4: Follow up


  • Don’t just fire and forget – if you get a response, engage with it. If you don’t, then follow-it up.

  • Most MPS are incredibly busy (and are often hassled by lots of different people), and many will have an auto response email that will tell you how long you should expect to wait for a reply (with most replies averaging 10 days). Be patient but chase a response if you’ve heard nothing within two weeks. Again, keep it friendly and polite.

  • Politely acknowledging a response (even if it’s sniffy or impersonal) shows your MP that you’ve registered their comments.

  • And don’t forget that you could also chase or nudge your MP via other avenues too – social media or even an in-person meet at an upcoming constituency surgery can be excellent ways to keep your opinions front-and-centre in their mind.



Putting together an email for your MP is one of the easiest and most effective ways of affecting the Brexit debate. It isn’t just a chance to make your arguments; it’s also a great way to get the industry’s concerns on the record and on their radar.

So do take time to write. One letter by itself may not make the difference, but if we all send one then it could change the equation.

Let us know when you've written, and we can help share your story across our social channels!

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