Games4eu and tech for uk, in partnership with best for Britain, call on mps to reject may's bad deal at the meaningful vote!

Games4EU and Tech for UK represent businesses and consumers from across the British interactive entertainment and technology industries - we write, in partnership with Best for Britain, to call upon MPs to reject the government’s Brexit proposals and to make all arrangements speedily for a People’s Vote with an option to remain.

The products and services we produce are used by millions of people around the UK, hundreds of millions worldwide, and are helping to drive the future of technology and entertainment. We are some of the fastest-growing, most productive, and export-led UK industries, worth nearly £190 billion to the UK economy, employing over 2 million people and attracting billions in foreign investment. These are the government’s own figures.


The withdrawal agreement and the accompanying political declaration are not a ‘deal’ nor are they the end point of Brexit - they are the start of years of uncertainty and simply raise another cliff edge in 2020 or 2022. They resolve none of the Brexit issues that we have identified are critical to our industries and do not come close to replacing the benefits we enjoy through UK membership of the EU such as; easy data sharing with the EU, the frictionless ability to hire from and travel to Europe, enjoying the benefits of the EU regulatory systems, membership of EU research and development and cultural programmes, the lack of customs and tariff and non-tariff barriers, and the amplification of our voice throughout the world through EU membership. The UK would become a ‘rule taker’ just as landmark changes are rolled out like the EU’s Digital Single Market strategy. These are issues that will hit our digital-first, cutting edge industries particularly hard.


We are told that there will be benefits to Brexit but the government’s own analysis, and that of all other credible bodies, is that Brexit will hurt our economy. In nearly 3 years, no one has articulated clearly or credibly any actual benefits from Brexit to us and certainly none that come close to what EU membership already gives us and which has helped made us British success stories.


The government’s Brexit ‘deal’ therefore answers none of our concerns, does not benefit our businesses or our consumers and is bad for our country and our standing in the world.


It is critical to find a way out of this mess and therefore we ask you to reject the government’s proposed Brexit ‘deal’ and to make all arrangements as speedily as possible for a People’s Vote (with an option to remain in the EU) to allow our industries, our consumers and the country a say on the final Brexit outcome.


Yours sincerely


Jas Purewal, Tracey McGarrigan, and George Osborn
Co-Founders, Games4EU

Mike Butcher, Madhuban Kumar, and Josh Russell
Co-Organisers, Tech for UK


Eloise Todd

CEO, Best for Britain

Brexit is NOT a done deal! Read our explainer as to why May's Deal is bad for our industries, and see our guide of how to write to your local MP to make your voice heard!

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