G4EU's European Parliament Elections Mini-Guide

Following the publication in October 2018 of our comprehensive report, here is our mini-guide to this month's European Parliament Elections and information about how to register to vote.

  • UK citizens can vote in the European Parliament elections on Thursday 23 May 2019. The deadline to register to Vote is 7th MAY 2019

  • This matters: we need to show the strength of the Remain cause at a time when the election polls so far show a strong Brexit turnout, plus if the UK stays in the EU then having the right representation in the European Parliament is important.

  • The United Kingdom remains a member of the European Union and is now set to leave the EU on or before 31 October 2019, with a review scheduled for the European Council on 20-21 June.

  • This extension is premised on the UK taking part in the European Parliament elections on Thursday 23 May, so it’s important to talk about what this means for our industry.

We want to keep the UK in the EU. It has served our industry and our consumers well; it reflects our outlook and our values in our brilliant, inclusive, global-minded industry; it gives us the best access to our biggest market; it forms a key part of our business, legal and financial bedrock. We have shown through our detailed work and our discussions with stakeholders across the industry that no form of Brexit will help our industry, from May's Brexit deal through to a no deal Brexit. The best way forward is for Parliament to ensure there is a People's Vote to give the final say on Brexit to the people, for Remain to be an option in that referendum and for the British public to vote to Remain. This is what we will be fighting for in 2019.

Read and download our EU Elections Mini-Guide, and let us know your thoughts via Twitter, email or SLACK

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