together we can STop brexiT!

Games4EU is committed to not only providing a voice for our industry in the battle against Brexit, but to work with MPs, trade bodies, lawyers, specialists, and experts, as well as our community to provide as much insight and analysis as we can as to what we think the impact of Brexit will be for all of us.

Resources available!

With Parliament debating Brexit before the meaningful vote, the G4EU team explains why May's Deal is a bad deal for everyone.

Our comprehensive 52-page report prepared by a team of specialists across the industry. Established to fight Brexit and its damaging effects upon the sector, the report look at, in detail, the devastating effects that a no-deal or hard Brexit will have on the cost of interactive entertainment.

We all have BIG questions about Brexit and the impact it will have on interactive entertainment. Here, we share and regularly update your FAQs.

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