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We want to keep the UK in the EU. It reflects our outlook and our values in our brilliant, inclusive, global-minded industry; it gives us the best access to our biggest market; it forms a key part of our business, legal and financial bedrock. We've shown through our detailed work and discussions with stakeholders across the industry that no form of Brexit is good for our industry, from Theresa May's rejected Brexit deal through to Boris Johnson's No Deal.


The best way forward is for Parliament to ensure there is a People's Vote to give the final say on Brexit to the people, for Remain to be an option in that referendum and for the British public to vote to Remain. This is what we will be fighting for in 2019.

Read our UPDATED Guide on the impact brexit will have then Write to your local MP and make your voice heard!

we need to stay

80% of games industry professionals voted to remain in the European Union

We need to thrive

Continued open access to international talent, trade & consumers is critical to our future success

we need to act

Time is running out to impact the Brexit process, and to secure a People's Vote on the final outcome.

  •  Support peaceful, meaningful action to remain within the EU.

  • Become an activism and discussion platform for Pro EU video games professionals and gamers.

  • Demonstrate the harm that Brexit will do to our sector.

  • Contribute to the wider movement to stop, or limit the damage, of Brexit, whether soft, hard or no deal at all.

  • To call on MPs to arrange a People's Vote with an option to remain in the European Union. 

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Games4EU was co-founded by Tracey McGarrigan, Jas Purewal and George Osborn.

Advisory board

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G4EU is entirely run by volunteers as non-profit so JOIN US NOW! 

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