As of Jan 31st 2020, Games4EU is no longer in operation. Like many of the incredible grassroot movements we had the pleasure to campaign alongside, we are proud to have given a voice to those who continue to believe that being a member of the EU was massively positive and important to our industry; it gave us the best ease of access to one of the biggest markets in the world; it formed a key part of our business, legal, and financial bedrock, and is where we formed lifelong relationships as part of a brilliant, inclusive, global-minded community.

The G4EU team would sincerely like to thank those who shared our views, campaigned, and supported our work. We will continue to feed our thoughts and insight into our MPs, trade bodies, and colleagues in the hope that we can mitigate as little damage as we can to our industry as the UK now starts negotiating our future with the rest of the world.


Tracey McGarrigan

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Jas Purewal

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George Osborn

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Games4EU was co-founded by Tracey McGarrigan, Jas Purewal, and George Osborn.

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